To provide our customers better experience, we have collated the most frequently asked questions on this site. This would serve as your reference and guide in case you find it hard to reach our customer service.

What is Kyoro Air Travel?

Kyoro Air is an online travel company site that is based in New Mexico, USA. It is a company that specializes in catering to your travel needs. Their services include planning your itinerary, giving you the most affordable airfare tickets, and discounts on hotel bookings.

What are the countries covered by Kyoro Air Travel?

Koryo Air Travel is in partnership with over 3000 airlines across the globe. This enables them to cover as much county as possible. In fact, they cover the whole world with their promotions and one-of-a-kind offers that are definitely for grabs.

Do we need to have an account to avail these services?

Although it is not mandatory to sign up with us, we highly encourage it for you to be able to conveniently manage any bookings/transactions you have with us. This enables us to send you notifications easily as well as updates and advisories regarding your bookings.

What is the mode of payment for my transactions with Kyoro Air Travel?

You could easily settle your balances with us through your Paypal accounts. You could also use Bitcoin as paying method. We also accept payments via Visa Card, Mastercard and American Express only.

Can we make changes to our purchase?

Yes, you can. You can alter your booking anytime you want. For changes in flight details, however, there is a corresponding fee you have to pay to compensate with the penalties charged by the airlines. But this is relatively minimal than the fee you have to pay if you are going to transact directly with them.

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